Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Our first sale

Hi, (YDL) made its first sale yesterday which is very exciting. We will be posting more information about our first sale in a latter post.

Things have been going steady, Alexa ranking is always on the rise and the visitors keep coming. We now have over 45 listings. YDL is proving to be a very effective advertising method. A local newspaper has shown some interest and maybe posting an article about YDL very shortly. We will keep everyone posted as this develops. We are hoping to attract more media attention to help inform everyone about all of the great benefits that YDL has to offer.

We will be adding some new features to YDL such as two forms for advertisers, one for offline businesses and one for online businesses. This will help improve the listing process and make it much easier for both offline and online businesses to gain visitors.

Keep checking back as more news develops.

Daniel Stone

Saturday, February 18, 2006

All in only the third day

Hi, has only been online for three days and has already received a huge amount of attention. In this short amount of time, has received over 30 listings and is being talked about on lots of different websites and forums.

Not only that but in these three days, already has a traffic rank of 50,455 and climbing on Check out our website information at by clicking on the following link: Traffic Details

On top of all of this has been predicted to have a PageRank of 3 within the next couple of days as it receives more attention by various search engines and webmasters.

As you can see, offers its advertisers long term advertising value, so make sure to add your listing as soon as possible.

Daniel Stone

Friday, February 17, 2006

Free Advertising


Are you interested in advertising on for free? Because everyday we will post 5 promotional codes that you can use to receive free advertising on These promotional codes will be posted at various times everyday so make sure you are checking back daily to take advantage of these promotional codes.

There is no limit on how many you can use and the codes listed below can only be used once, so if you didn't get a chance to take advantage of one today make sure to check back tomorrow. Here are the 5 promotional codes for today:


Daniel Stone

23 links listed in first two days


In the first two days of being launched, has already received over 23 listings. Please be advised that only 100,000 listings will be sold and these listings are guaranteed to be displayed for a minimum of 5 years. Make sure to post your listing today to take advantage of the long term advertising value that has to offer.

We have been doing various promotions to help spread the word about all the great things that has to offer to its advertisers. Check out an ad that we recently posted on an online directory:

If you are interested in helping us spread the word about please visit us at where you can post listings and become an affiliate.

Daniel Stone

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Press Release


Below you will find a press release that was distributed using's distribution service.

To view the Press Release at please click the link below:

Otherwise you can view the press release right here:, an Online Web Directory Just Launched, Offers Advertisers Long Term Value

New online web directory started by a 17- year-old from Chandler, AZ aims to have more than 100,000 listings of both online and offline businesses by the end of 2006.

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) February 16, 2006 –- Seventeen-year-old Daniel Stone residing in Chandler, AZ has just launched an online web directory called offering advertisers long term value. Over 100,000 listings are aimed to be included into the directory by the end of the year 2006. All advertising listings will be listed and displayed on this new directory for over five years giving advertisers excellent exposure over a long period of time. This new online web directory was built not only for online businesses but for offline businesses as well, along with personal and informative ads.

There is an array of features in addition to offering long term advertising value available at Some of these features include a way for online and offline businesses to connect with target visitors. A dynamic advertising display offers visitors an easy way to view listings that they find interesting. Advertisers will find it a great way to find new customers that are genuinely interested in there product or service. will help attract offline businesses to incorporate there businesses online by offering them cost effective advertising and a creative way to reach online users. Offline businesses will find a new revenue steam at In addition to helping offline business it will also increase online businesses strength by connecting them with target visitors. It is very easy to see how beneficial will be to those who list on the new online web directory.

After failing several times to successfully start an online business, 17-year-old Daniel Stone wanted to create a service to provide small online and offline businesses with a cost effective advertising protocol. To solve this problem was created and offers advertisers long term advertising value over a five year period.

Daniel Stone
Your Directory Link
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Your Directory Link Launched


My name is Daniel Stone and I have started an online web directory called Your Directory Link. It official launched February 16, 2006. We aim to have over 100,000 listings posted on the directory by the end of the year 2006. Please check it out at

Daniel Stone